Motorway Services


From non-paying customers and commuter abuse to potential criminal activity, we understand that motorway service sites face all manner of challenges on a daily basis. Secure Parking Solutions car park management solutions have overcome a variety of issues for 50+ service sites,  by tailoring the way the system operates to suit both the type of abuse and requirements of the site itself.

Typically, our service station solutions include:

  • ANPR cameras
  • Payment machines
  • Touch screen terminals and limited free stay periods

Having a mixed solution enables Secure Parking Solutions to monitor the car park efficiently and report a variety of usage statistics for our clients. Provided free of charge, these solutions ensure our clients’ car parks are being used effectively, are only available to genuine customers and reduce the amount of overall congestion. This allows internal teams to focus on their own duties without the worry of car parking issues.

We provide Payment Machines for MOTORWAY SERVICESKey Benefits of our Payment Machines

Technologically advanced

These machine are using latest technology

Simple and hassle-free

These are very simple to use. Even a small kid could easily learn to use them

Low maintenance

Once the Payment Machine is installed at car park, hardly any maintenance is needed.

Vandal resistant and tamper-proof

Once installed, they will keep on working correctly. These machines can’t be tempered.

Dedicated account manager

Secure Parking Solutions provides a dedicated account manager for the installed Payment Machine.

Multiple Card Interconnectivity

There is a facility for Multiple Card Interconnectivity within the Payment machines.

Our in-house software offers the perfect blend of management information, transparency and efficiency to suit the needs of supplying valuable, in-depth usage to clients. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Capacity monitoring
  • Frequency of visits
  • Payment data
  • Trend analysis

Having access to a vast range of data allows our experts to perform trend analysis, advising our clients with planning for cyclical and seasonal demand. Internal promotions and events can also be linked to car park activity, making the tracking of success much easier.

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