Secure Parking Solutions work in partnership with a number of universities and colleges across the UK, offering a range of blended solutions. Our priority is ensuring your staff, students and visitors have access to hassle-free parking, whilst also supporting your institution with revenue generation.

Universities and colleges often face a number of parking challenges, including: oversubscribed parking, car park abuse and large scales sites.

Our range of solutions provides varying approaches to car park management, ensuring the fit is right for our client’s specific requirements.

We value the importance of ensuring your staff, students and visitors have a positive parking experience, whilst also recognising the need to accommodate tight budgets and ever-changing regulations.

We provide Payment Machines for Educational InstitutesKey Benefits of our Payment Machines

Technologically advanced

These machine are using latest technology

Simple and hassle-free

These are very simple to use. Even a small kid could easily learn to use them

Low maintenance

Once the Payment Machine is installed at car park, hardly any maintenance is needed.

Vandal resistant and tamper-proof

Once installed, they will keep on working correctly. These machines can’t be tempered.

Dedicated account manager

Secure Parking Solutions provides a dedicated account manager for the installed Payment Machine.

Multiple Card Interconnectivity

There is a facility for Multiple Card Interconnectivity within the Payment machines.

Secure Parking Solutions’ dedicated sales and account management teams work in partnership with clients to offer expert car park guidance and propose suitable solutions.

Our car park consultancy services support educational institutions with valuable communications support, project plans and change management strategies for the successful implementation of car park management solutions.

Our Other Services


Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras boast a huge range of benefits for your busy car park.

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Cash For Land

Whether it’s a current car park, Freehold, Leasehold or undeveloped land we have a solution that can help you.

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Marshalling Servies

Our Marshalling service can be available whenever you need it and for however long you need it.

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